High speed 2D CMOS Presentation Barcode Scanner


Reference depth of field

Symbol Barcode material Density Size Minimum depth of field Maximum depth of field
Code 39 Paper 3.34mil 23mm*15mm - 45cm
Code 39 Paper 20mil 43mm*15mm - 29cm
Code128 Paper 3.34mil 18mm*15mm - 35cm
Code128 Paper 5mil 43mm*15mm - 10cm
Code128 Paper 15mil 43mm*15mm - 33cm
Code 39 Paper 6.67mil 44mm*15mm - 19cm
Code128 Paper 20mil 62mm*15mm - 40cm
EAN/UPC Paper 13.34mil 42mm*15mm - 29cm
QR Paper 20mil 20mm*20mm - 20cm
Data Matrix Paper 6.67mil 5mm*5mm - -
Data Matrix Paper 10mil 8mm*8mm - -
Data Matrix Paper 5mil 50mm*14mm - 1cm
PDF417 Paper 6.67mil 55mm*19mm - 4cm
PDF417 Paper 13.34mil 35mm*15mm - 23cm

Support Symbols